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Preorder Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy - Preorder. For Retro Game Boy Advance Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy

Preorder Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy - Preorder. For Retro Game Boy Advance Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy

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Pokemon Crystal Legacy on the Gameboy Advance. A remade Pokemon Crystal version is now available for GBA and GBA SP. Pokemon Crystal Legacy will satisfy your Pokemon cravings if you don't love Gen 2 Pokemon, or feel like "something is missing".
*Pokemon Crystal Legacy on the Gameboy Color will run on both GBC SP and GBC. It is possible that the final design will look different once shipped.

Differences between and
Gameboy Color Pokemon Crystal Legacy hacks the game to enhance its most underdeveloped features, while keeping the same mechanics and feeling that made it so entertaining and unique.

Crystal Legacy is not a modern Pokemon game, and instead it only uses the precedents of its original design. This allows for a more authentic experience of generation 2, while still maximizing the potential of this Pokemon Crystal Version.

Pokemon Crystal Legacy Features

Features Dynamic level scaling of Gym Leaders in the non-linear part of Johto. Chuck, Pryce & Jasmine team levels scale based on whether or not the player has 5, 6, 7 badges.

- Team optimization for Gym Leaders. Leaders retain their original aces, but have a greater representation of Generation 2. (For instance, Bugsy's Scyther is retained, but Metapod and Kakuna were replaced with Pineco & Ledian). Movepools become more diverse as well as complex. Gym Leaders are using held items.

- Improved Level Curve Pokemon Crystal Legacy Trainers and Gym leaders no longer decrease in mid-game but spike during the Elite Fuur. In the new version, leveling has been linearized and expanded trainer teams provide more experience. Players who don’t grind will still fall short of the champion. However, this is a normal and intentional feature in most Pokemon games.

Pokemon availability has increased. Johto gains access to Generation 2 Kanto locked monsters, like Houndour. Route encounters were diversified. Gen 1 trademonsters will level up as they evolve. Gen 2 items of trade now function like evolution stones. Increased accessibility of evolution items. Ruins Alph: Fossils & GS Ball.

- Now all legendaries can be caught.
Gameplay Balancing. Dark-type now has a Physical type, Ghost has a special type. Pokemon movepools were drastically enhanced. Balanced moves (notably large improvements in fighting and bug types). Weak single evo and underperforming monsters have received some statistical buffs.
Item Improvements

- The flower shop is now selling Berries. Cianwood Pharmacies sells Stones & Ethers. Mahogany mart now sells Upgrades and Metal Coats. Mahogany now sells TMs. X Items may not be purchased.

- Storyline enhancements. (Yay!)

- Slight alterations to Silver's character development. Lance is helped to find the Rocket Hideout by a man. Team Rocket Executives Archer Ariana. Rocket's 'Hyuck Hyuck" now has its own character arc. The Legendaries of Kanto that are missing in the game have now been explained.

Quality of Life - Unique Pokemon Sprites: Running Shoes, Larger Bag, Early Experimentation Share, Delete HMS whenever possible, TM pick up now shows move name. Bugs Fixed. PC added in Elm's Lab and House, after Tohjo falls. Gameplay icon now shows the weather.
Rematch Johto Gym Leads after being crowned Johto Champion.

- Kanto's league is now separate. Pokemon Gym teams consist of 6 players. Once you defeat them, it's time to face the Elite Four again for the title Kanto Champion. This is the post-game 'challenge.'
In the Trainer House you will have to fight the mod's creator (Smith), Craig the Production Manager of Pokemon Crystal Legacy as well as Weebra the Video Editor.

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